Robotic Automation

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Our satisfied customers include job shops, distributors and large global companies. We have serviced customers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.
We are pleased to offer the best in robotic solutions for your application. We’ll offer trade-in value for your robot, towards your new robotic system.
We sell, New-Used Robots, Service most all brands of robotic and automatic equipment.
We believe in working closely with equipment manufacturers, distributors and other companies. This allows us to keep up with new trends and to locate those hard to find parts for older equipment.
We stock key parts (New and Used) and use parts sourcing from many different vendors to help get you running quickly.

We can provide local, regional and national sales and service support with additional key locations coming soon.
Robotic Automation Locations:
NC: 704-660-1006
OH: 330-580-1980
GA: Coming 2017

Websites are always a work in progress, as we are working on ours weekly.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Invest In Robotic Automation

  1. Reduce Operating Costs – Robots can reduce both direct costs and overheads, making a dramatic difference to competitiveness.
  2. .Improve product quality and consistency – Robots produce a consistently high quality of finished materials, since there is no risk of tiredness, distraction or other effects from manually performing tedious and repetitive tasks.
  3. Improve quality of work for employees – Employees no longer have to work in hot, dusty or hazardous environments, plus they can learn valuable programming skills and be freed up for other work.
  4. Increase production output rates – Robots can be left running overnight and during weekends with little supervision, so output levels can increase and order deadlines be more easily met.
  5. Increase product manufacturing flexibility – Robots can provide flexibility to a production line. Once processes are programmed into the robot controller, the robot can easily switch from process to process.
  6. Reduce material waste and increase yield – Robots can achieve high quality finishes from the start, and waste due to poor quality or inconsistent finishing can be significantly reduced.
  7. Comply with safety rules and improve workplace health and safety – Robots can take over unpleasant, arduous or health threatening tasks, decreasing the likelihood of accidents caused by employee contact with potentially hazardous machines or processes.
  8. Reduce labor turnover and difficulty of recruiting workers – With highly skilled manual workers becoming harder and more expensive to employ, robots can provide an ideal alternative.
  9. Reduce capital costs (inventory, work in progress) – Robots can help reduce the cost of consumables used and reduce waste, plus with less manual labor, there will be fewer costs related to sickness, accidents and insurance.
  10. Save space in high value manufacturing areas – Robots can be placed on shelf systems, on walls or even on ceilings. They can also be programmed to work in confined spaces, saving valuable floor space.