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Clinical Laboratory Automation

Yaskawa Motoman brings extensive automation experience and an understanding of clinical lab diagnostic specimen processing, together with an array of robotics and motion control products and technology. Through this experience and technology we are helping companies improve the efficiency, accuracy and robustness of their clinical laboratory operations.

Process improvement and automation are Yaskawa Motoman’s core competencies. Yaskawa Motoman takes an industrial engineering approach to characterization of laboratory processes and development and analysis of improvement strategies. Recently these process improvement techniques have been popularized in the clinical laboratory realm, while “Six Sigma” and “LEAN” have been operating principles for factory automation for many years.

Working with a number of high-volume reference laboratories since 1999, Yaskawa Motoman brought leading-edge industrial automation technology to the clinical laboratory field. The high throughput and flexibility requirements in laboratories are similar to many industrial automation challenges. The solutions offered by Yaskawa Motoman are based upon proven product platforms (AutoSorter) along with engineered designs to meet the specific needs of each laboratory operation. Partnering with labs to understand current and future challenges and realize objectives for improved efficiency and quality is our mission, and Yaskawa Motoman is committed to provide the resources and the solutions to meet those goals.

Robotic Specimen Processing Systems


Yaskawa Motoman offers a variety of AutoSorter™ specimen processing solutions that are ideal for a range of clinical laboratory environments. AutoSorter provides improved processing accuracy, specimen traceability and relieves laboratory staff of repetitive tasks and exposure to infection. Various configurations include centrifugation, decapping and sorting to instrument racks, as well as archive consolidation. They may be stand-alone or linked together with aliquoters, recappers and other process-specific instrumentation.

AutoSorter 1200/2000

  • Multi-function instruments for specimen sorting, with the flexibility, productivity and reliability to meet the demands of large commercial labs.
  • AutoSorter 1200 processes up to 1,200 specimens/hour for rack-based pre-analytic sorting and post-analytic sorting/archiving.
  • The AutoSorter 2000 processes up to 2,000 specimens/hour for bulk-handled specimens.

AutoSorter III

  • Flexibility to process a wide variety of clinical specimen configurations –  through centrifugation, decapping and sorting in preparation for loading to diagnostic instruments and systems.
  • Consolidates post-analytic specimens and creates inventory files for archive
  • High sorting accuracy and specimen traceability

Tubes Processed


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