Kinetiq Teaching

Kinetiq Teaching: Simplified Robot Programming (Click on Photo Below to Play)

Program a Robot Though Movement

Simplified programming and reduced set-up times by manually guiding the robot to locations and using an ICON based menu to program welding tasks. Enables job shops to easily implement robotic welding and secures a quick return on investment with high mix, low volume batch runs.

Intuitive Direct Teaching (Hand Guided Positioning)

  • Fewer crashes and reduced time programming a robot
  • Robot arm moves in direction and at speed proportional to force applied by hand
  • Torch angle is easily changed (6D motion) by twisting in orientation desired

Kinetiq Teaching Environment

  • Kinetiq_Edit_Screen.jpgGraphic menus are displayed on robot’s color touch screen
  • Intuitive ICONs are selected to program the task; robot motion and welding instructions
  • Different motion response and speeds are selectable to easily move between course positioning and fine positioning next to the part.

Ideal for Job Shop Automation

  • Available in ArcWorld C or ArcWorld II series workcells with MA1400 arc welding robot
  • Available with Miller, Lincoln, or Fronius power sources
  • Available with Binzel or Tregaskiss Air-cooled torches